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Building the nation with confidence

Sakhizwe Pro Services is committed to provide quality products and excellent service, good attitude and outstanding management.

Being a labour intensive business and acknowledging the fact that people are our “products”, we are realists and we have accepted the fact that  human nature will also play a significant role in the services we provide. Because of this very fact, we never make any promises that we can not keep and we never offer any guarantees however, we know that it is the management there off that distinguishes the service that we provide from that of our competitors.

Our success is not to see what dimly lies ahead but to see what clearly lies on hand.


The management knows and understands that knowledge is power. The first step is to analyses the understanding and the interpretation of the contract site. Skills and knowledge requirements needed to ensure an appropriate business focus. Employees will be educated to know and understand the consequences of poor service, i.e. Loss of contracts and jobs.


Sakhizwe Pro Security & Services is aiming to have offices country wide, where business opportunities are available

What we do

24 hours Control Room to monitor and control our Staff and despatch supervisor or manager on duty

We have reliable and branded vehicles for posting and patrolling our staff in regular and random basis

We guard and manage events at different venues including soccer at various stadiums

We have latest equipments for Cleaning Services and Printing Security Books for other firms